Prevailing Over Pride

Pride is the number one killer of ministry and you need to be ready to fight back against it in your own life. Yes you will face the power of pride but there is a way to prevail against it.

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28 – Be Ready For Unexpected Challenges

Be Ready For Unexpectte Challenges

Those who have been given a call and purpose from God will inevitable find themselves facing decisive and unexpected challenges that’ll shape the direction their lives take from that point on. Click HERE for the article behind this Podcast.

In today’s episode you will also find the 4 Keys to Know You’re Ready To Face the Giant

  1. You know your Covenant [Bible]
  2. Your not looking for a fight
  3. You care more about Gods name/glory than your own
  4. Your faith in God is greater than your fear of failure

Are You Serving The Great Ministry Machine?

Are You Serving The Great Ministry Machine?

In your ministry are you building the body of Christ or have you been deceived into serving the Great Ministry Machine. A type of slavery which controls all of your decisions as a leader and drives you to abandon God’s will and heart in the pursuit of success and keeping people happy so the machine never runs out of steam.

Learn this week how this imprisonment to the Great Ministry Machine can be overcome and what are the consequences of remaining its slave.

Life Beyond Church Ep. 25: What Are The 5 R’s of Christian Life?

What are the 5 R's of Christian Life

When it comes to living a full Christian Life there are 5 keys that can help us to draw closer to God and find greater blessings throughout our lives. These five R’s are known as Revelation, Repentance, Relationship, Restoration and Revival. In this weeks episode you’ll discover how to apply these 5 R’s to your own life and how to live a successful and God centered Christian Life.

Go further with the article and podcast this video is based on HERE!

Prayer Is Not About Advancing Your Career

Prayer is not about advancing your career

Stepping Into Your Calling Episode. 04 – Prayer Is Not About Advancing Your Career

Did you know that Prayer Is Not About Advancing Your Career? Wow I’m as surprised as you are, this week in Stepping Into Your Calling we look at our motivations for prayer, how we treat God like a short order cook and what the Tower of Babel has to do with all of this.