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Reaching the Edge of the Wilderness

Reaching The Edge of The Wilderness

If you take the lessons and introspections of the wilderness seriously you will eventually find yourself at the edge of the wilderness. That place where you can finally see what is waiting for you beyond the horizon, that place you know as your calling and purpose in life. The place where you can finally see what you only hoped could be possible.

Reaching The Edge of The Wilderness

Six Minutes Can Change Your Life

Can I Truly Be Happy?

From Surviving to Thriving in the Wilderness Pt. 2

Life Beyond Church Ep. 23: Three Ways To Endure The Storms of Life

Life Beyond Church Ep. 22: The Five Tests to Qualify For Ministry

Life Beyond Church Ep. 21: The Forgotten Ingredient of Christian Life

Life Beyond Church Ep. 20: A Living Revelation of Jesus Christ Pt.2

25 – The Hunt For Living Water

24 – Is God Good?

23 – Surviving the Storm With Your Pillow Intact

22 – Do You Qualify For Ministry

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SIx Minutes of Grace - The Key to Finding Happiness and Purpose

Fed up with the monotony of the everyday?

Struggling to find God moving in your life?

Trying to discover meaning and purpose?

Looking for the source of happiness?

Hoping for help on this journey?

GRACE Changes Everything

Stop letting life slip by. Six minutes is all it takes to radically transform your life. We’re all trapped by the Great Lie and suffer under the pressures of the everyday. However, deep down we know that our life was meant for so much more.

In Six Minutes of Grace you’ll find keys for the locks which have been holding back your life from being all it was created to be.

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