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Conway Christian Resources Inc. is the ministry of Cameron Conway B.Th. (Highest Honors, Pacific Life Bible College) An author and teacher with 18 years of experience building up believers.

Through our books and resources, you will not only see the truths of the scripture in a way you can understand but also how to bring them to life in your own lives. It is about going from revelation to action, it is about not just knowing about God but actually knowing Him as a loving Father and as a faithful friend.

Then you can Discover your Purpose, learn how to Build the Kingdom and how to Support the Next Generation of believers.

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How The Faithful Overcome Challenges

As we’ve seen over the past few weeks the life of David so far has been a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. From his anointing by Samuel, to defeating Goliath all the way to having Saul hurl spears at him. The picture we are seeing through David’s life is one where someone who is […]

How The Faithful Overcome Challenges

Jealousy Follows Favor

Favor Follows Faithfulness

Transforming Challenges Into Victories

Life Beyond Church Ep. 16: Understanding The Glory of God

Life Beyond Church Ep. 15: Why The Church Fails To Conquer The Gates Of Hell

Life Beyond Church Ep. 14: Living Under Judgment And Loving It

Life Beyond Church Ep. 13: The Secret Name of Jesus Christ

18 – Two Questions That Determine Your Life

17 – How To Demonstrate Our Love For God

16 – Understanding The Glory Of God

15 – Why The Church Fails To Conquer The Gates of Hell

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Understanding Who You Are - Express Group Discussion Guide

Are you looking to go even deeper into your relationship with God, or even start one? Or perhaps you're looking to share this experience with others in a safe small group environment?

This 14 week  discussion guide will take you step by step into a deeper look into not just the book Understanding Who You Are, but also yourself and your relationship with God.

Interact with thought provoking questions and insights and realize what your faith is really about and how you can share that revelation with the world around you.

This study will provide a spiritual foundation for the relationship you have with God and will help you express what you believe. It will challenge what you think you already know about God, the church and Christianity as a whole so you can develop into a living, active and vibrant follower of Christ.

Pick this up for your church, home group, bible study or evangelism team today and Understand Who You Are as a follower of Christ!

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