What is the Kingdom of God

What is the Kingdom of God?

When we say we are expanding the Kingdom of God what do we even mean by that statement? Are we building the church, a sphere of influence of something greater? This week we take a look at what the Kingdom of God is and how you can contribute to its expansion right where you are.

Jesus' Definition of a Successful Ministry

Jesus’ Definition of a Successful Ministry

Despite what the world might tell us God has a very different definition of what is success that is based on attendance, income or influence. This week we look at Jesus’ words in John 17 to see what is Jesus’ Definition of a Successful Ministry.

The Key To Receiving a Promise From God

Life Beyond Church Ep. 26 – The Key To Receiving A Promise From God

David discovered the key to receiving a promise from God and this week I’ll show how the power of faithfulness can unlock God’s promise for your life.

Prevailing Over Pride

Pride is the number one killer of ministry and you need to be ready to fight back against it in your own life. Yes you will face the power of pride but there is a way to prevail against it.

Are You Serving The Great Ministry Machine?

Are You Serving The Great Ministry Machine?

Learn this week how your imprisonment to the Great Ministry Machine can be overcome and what are the consequences of remaining its slave.

What are the 5 R's of Christian Life

Life Beyond Church Ep. 25: What Are The 5 R’s of Christian Life?

When it comes to living a full Christian Life there are 5 keys that can help us to draw closer to God and bring blessings in our lives. These five R’s are Revelation, Repentance, Relationship, Restoration and Revival.

Prayer is not about advancing your career

Prayer Is Not About Advancing Your Career

Did you know that Prayer Is Not About Advancing Your Career? Wow I’m as surprised as you are, this week in Stepping Into Your Calling we look at our motivations for prayer, how we treat God like a short order cook and what the Tower of Babel has to do with all of this.

Who Are You Trying To Impress

In a world overrun with different ways to impress people how do we go about impressing the only one who really matters in our ministry?

Life Beyond Church Ep. 24: How To Experience The Goodness of God

Do you trust in the Goodness of God? How can you have faith in a God that appears so absent from creation? Come and learn the 4 keys to understanding God’s nature and how that knowledge can revitalize your life.

Why Do I Need A Home Church

It doesn’t matter what your role in a church or ministry is you need a place to call home. A place that provides community, support, correction and the opportunity to deepen your relationship with God alongside others. Find our this week why you need a home church!

Stepping Into Your Calling

Welcome to the first episode of Stepping Into Your Calling, in this episode I lay out the three pillars I believe everyone in ministry of those who want to be apart of the ministry one day have to develop in their lives. What are they? Stay tuned and find out!

Life Beyond Church Ep. 23: Three Ways To Endure The Storms of Life

Are you struggling with surviving the storms in your life right now? In this life we are not exempt from troubles but often when we are experiencing those things we lose sight of God in all of it. Yet Jesus offers us a clue to not just thrive but rest in those storms of life.

Life Beyond Church Ep. 22: The Five Tests to Qualify For Ministry

What are the qualifications in our day for those in ministry? What plumb line, or bar are we measured against that allows us the privilege of open ministry? To find that answer there are five test that you must pass to see if you truly qualify for ministry.

Life Beyond Church Ep. 21: The Forgotten Ingredient of Christian Life

Go ever deeper into this subject HERE Today it feels like there’s something missing in the lives of many Christians, we go to church, and occasionally read our Bibles but it feels if that it isn’t enough. As Christians we are good at listening, pondering, and absorbing information, revelation and insights but what do we […]

A Living Revelation of Jesus Christ Pt.2

Life Beyond Church Ep. 20: A Living Revelation of Jesus Christ Pt.2

Go even deeper in this subject HERE To fully see Jesus we must go beyond the images of Him with the disciples, or Jesus on the cross and see Him for who He is today.  No longer just a lamb, but a lion, no longer a servant but the King of kings. Summary

Life Beyond Church Ep. 19: A Living Revelation of Jesus Christ Pt.1

Go even deeper in this subject HERE Right now you need a revelation that Jesus is just as alive today as He was during His ministry in Judea. Often, we tend to separate the two stages of Jesus’s life (divine and Son of Man), we see them as two different books on our shelves. One […]

LBC 18 Two Questions that determine your life

Life Beyond Church Ep. 18: Two Questions That Determine Your Life

Go even deep in this subject HERE! Your life is made up of a series of questions which have been answered by you and those around you. “Should I turn left or should I turn right?” “Do I work here or there?” “Can I see myself spending the rest of my life with this person?” […]

Life Beyond Church Ep. 17: How to Demonstrate our Love for God

Do you love God, if so how can you prove it? Jesus laid out for us a simple yet profound formula on how to demonstrate our love for God, but what is it? Summary

Life Beyond Church Ep. 16: Understanding The Glory of God

“Glory to God,” this is something that most Christians have heard at one point, maybe in a song, or while someone was preaching or even while reading the Bible. But what does it mean, what is glory, what does it have to do with God and how to we give glory to Him? Summary

Life Beyond Church Ep. 15: Why The Church Fails To Conquer The Gates Of Hell

Jesus said the the gates of hell will not prevail, but what does that mean and how are we able to no just withstand the attacks of the enemy but fight back? Summary

Life Beyond Church Ep. 14: Living Under Judgment And Loving It

God is looking to pour out His judgment, and that’s a good thing. Come and discover how God is trying to save you from problems and consequences by speaking through judgments and a call for something greater in our lives. Summary

The Secret Name of Jesus Christ

Life Beyond Church Ep. 13: The Secret Name of Jesus Christ

Did you know that Jesus has a secret name that most Christians are unaware of, a name can change everything about your faith and how you see the Son of God? Summary

Life Beyond Church Ep. 12: Praying Into A Different Universe

As Christians one of the great revelations that we are faced with is that there is more to this universe than we can see with our natural eyes. Beyond the veil of our physical universe lurks another parallel world, one which is able to interact and influence the world we see around us. It is […]

Life Beyond Church Ep. 11: Faith That Transforms Mustard Seeds into Mustard Trees

Hidden beneath the parable of the humble mustard seed lies a foundational truth which many Christians are unaware of. So what exactly is Jesus trying to say to us and how can it revolutionize our lives? Summary

Life Beyond Church Ep. 10: The War Within

Learn how you have the advantage in the war over your heart which wages between your flesh and your spirit. How you fight this battle will determine not only your relationship with God but how you fulfill you purpose in life. Summary

Life Beyond Church Ep. 09: Three Key Words That Will Change Your Life Forever

Life Beyond Church Ep. 09 – Three Key Words That Will Change Your Life Forever Today I talk about the three foundational words that make up my life and ministry and how those same words can revolutionize your own life and walk with God.

LBC - 2019 The Year of new Beginnings

Life Beyond Church 08: 2019 The Year of New Beginnings

What does God have in store for You and Conway Christian Resources in 2019? Watch and find out! Summary

Life Beyond Church 07: The Forgotten Part of God

Life Beyond Church 07: The Forgotten Part of God Learn how you can better understand and relate to the Holy Spirit in your life! Summary

Life Beyond Church 06: Trusting The God of Hope

WITH ALL OF THE DIFFICULTIES, struggles, pains, losses, frustrations and general unjust craziness there is in this life it doesn’t take much to lose ones hope. We try our best to continue trusting the God of hope but so much in this world and in our individual lives tells us to give up the fight […]

Life Beyond Church Ep. 05: The Greatest Christmas Gift

Good news everyone, it’s Christmas time! The time of year for presents, lights, music, decorations, fests, stress, shopping, fellowship and presents. Each year many people either loath or get excited for the magical Christmas season. A time of year full of white-haired fat guys, floating deer, The List Of Jericho… I mean Santa’s list, elves […]

Life Beyond Church 04: Playing With Shadows

Life Beyond Church 04: Playing With Shadows Summary

Life Beyond Church 03: A Higher Perspective

Did you know that as a Christian you have an unfair advantage in this life? But to enjoy that benefit you have to ________ in your life.

Life Beyond Church Ep. 2 – Outsourcing God

We are all guilty of using our own strength and abilities to take God’s place in our lives, but there is a better way!

Life Beyond Church 01: The Roots of our Identity In Christ

Life Beyond Church 01: The Roots of our Identity In Christ

Welcome to Episode 01 of Life Beyond Church. Today I talk about The Roots of our Identity In Christ and how understanding Him unlocks our ability to understand ourselves.

Hot off of the Press: Understanding Who You Are

  I head out to Chilliwack, British Columbia to pick up my new book Understanding Who You Are from the printers, join me and learn more. Summary