Understanding Who You Are – Deluxe Group Discussion Guide


This expanded note taking friendly discussion guide takes you through Understanding Who You Are in 52 sessions and provides deep and provoking questions and insights to help you become who God created you to be. Fellowship with others and discover who God has created you all to be.

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Are you looking to go even deeper into your relationship with God? Are you looking to share your experience and pursuit of truth with others? Or are you looking to lead a small group class or home group?

This expanded 52 week small group discussion guide and takes you step by step into a deeper look into not just the book Understanding Who You Are, but also yourself and your relationship with God. The deluxe edition is double the size of the standard Group Discussion Guide and provides a full page of space for note taking for each session.

Interact with thought provoking questions and insights and realize what your faith is really about and how you can share that revelation with the world around you. This study will provide a spiritual foundation for the relationship you have with God and will help you express what you believe and it will challenge what you think you already know about God, the church and Christianity as a whole.

Go through the entire 52 week program or focus on specific chapters of the book in three to four week modules, where you can learn specifically about matters such as who is Jesus, the spiritual gifts, and the New Heaven and Earth which is to come.

Pick this up for your church or small group today and Understand Who You Are as a follower of Christ and fellow member of the church!

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