Welcome to Conway Christian Resources – A Call to Discipleship

Welcome to Conway Christian Resources

Welcome to Conway Christian Resources


DISCOVERING WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST, that is what Conway Christian Resources is all about. Far too often we see people become a Christian and then have no idea about what to do next. We get so focused on the Great Commission that we forget Jesus’ equally as important mandate to go and make disciples. Discipleship, teaching and guiding both new and old believers is just as important as leading them to the cross.

Over and over again people look at their new-found faith and declare “I’m a Christian now what?” They prayed the prayer and figure that all there’s left to do is sit in a church once a week for the rest of their lives, and nothing else. This is how we end up with faithful followers of Jesus for years who say “there’s got to be more to Christian life than this!”

Discover, Build, Support

It feels as if we have lost a sense of purpose and mission in our personal lives, we feel as if we have been disconnected from what God is trying to do here on Earth. It is that feeling of do  I actually have a role to play in the church and in God’s plans? We think of the idea of people who are “called” as being those in full time ministry or we think of people in the Bible. The reality is that every person is called to spread the message of Jesus to the world and to help their fellow Christians to grow and mature.

However, once we come to terms that God has called us to accomplish something we see that there is always a preparation period, I am is here to help you in that season so you can be released to make a tangible change in this world and reveal the glory of Jesus to all people. You already realize that deep down in your soul you are more than what you see in the mirror. You are more than just a card-carrying member of a church, you are a child of the great King sent to be an ambassador and beacon of light to this temporary home we call Earth.

The greatest stories begin with regular people but at the same time what you don’t know is killing your faith and spiritual life.

We live in an age overflowing with Bible translations but less and less of us actually know and understand what is written on those pages. That is why Conway Christian Resources exists and it is why I have dedicated my life to discipleship and in helping ordinary believers become the mighty men and women God has created them to be. My heart is to present the gospel and many other aspects of Christian life in a way which is easily relatable and is rich in imagery. This site and my resources are for anyone who is hungry for more of God in their lives and those who are disappointed with the state of the world and want to make it better.

So I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery where we can draw closer to God so we can learn our purpose, and then go out and transform this world for the better.