2020 Update

2020 update

Hi everyone, it’s been some time since I’ve last posted and I figured it was time to check in with a 2020 update. Life has been crazy as of late even before the world shut down. Back in the fall I started working on my Masters of Theological Studies and that has been taking up most of my productive time each week. I’ve also been teaching small groups at Horizon Church in Surrey from the material in both of my books which has been going very well before the shut down. I’m also about halfway done my third book that I plan on finishing when I get a little closer to having my degree finished, which should be next April.

As for Conway Christian Resources, it is still alive and well and in the coming months I’m looking at putting our more blogs and podcasts, I’m undecided on videos at the moment because of the time requirements (even a 10 minute video requires over 3 hours of work to go from idea to posting). I would also like to repurpose some of my graduate studies work and post a version of it here so others can learn and develop their understanding of God, the Bible and the church.

I hope all of you can stay safe during this season and can use the time to develop your relationship with God, because not matter what happens next one thing is for sure, the church may never look the same.


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29 – Transforming Challenges Into Victories

Transforming Challenges Into Victories

Receiving a call from God brings with it the great test of if you can transform challenges into victories. How you face challenges shows if you are able to fight the battle and see God bring about a mighty victory. Today on the podcast we continue our look at the life of David and see how he succeeded where Saul failed in dealing with Goliath and bringing victory for God’s people.

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What is the Kingdom of God?

What is the Kingdom of God

When we say we are expanding the Kingdom of God what do we even mean by that statement? Are we building the church, a sphere of influence of something greater? This week we take a look at what the Kingdom of God is and how you can contribute to its expansion right where you are.

Jesus’ Definition of a Successful Ministry

Jesus' Definition of a Successful Ministry

Stepping Into Your Calling Ep. 08 – Jesus’ Definition of a Successful Ministry

Despite what the world might tell us God has a very different definition of what is success that is based on attendance, income or influence. However, this week we look at Jesus’ words in John 17 to see what is Jesus’ Definition of a Successful Ministry. I’ll give you a hint, often it is the exact opposite of what we would expect and it has more to do with faithfulness than effort.

Life Beyond Church Ep. 26 – The Key To Receiving A Promise From God

The Key To Receiving a Promise From God

How did David discover the key to receiving a promise from God. Once we understand David’s heart and life then we too can learn how God can take us from a place of receiving a promise to where it comes to pass in out lives. This week I demonstrate how the power of faithfulness modeled after David can draw you closer to God and revolutionize your life, but only if you follow the three keys of faithfulness.

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