29 – Transforming Challenges Into Victories

Transforming Challenges Into Victories

Receiving a call from God brings with it the great test of if you can transform challenges into victories. How you face challenges shows if you are able to fight the battle and see God bring about a mighty victory. Today on the podcast we continue our look at the life of David and see how he succeeded where Saul failed in dealing with Goliath and bringing victory for God’s people.

If you want to go even further click HERE for the article behind this Podcast.

28 – Be Ready For Unexpected Challenges

Be Ready For Unexpectte Challenges

Those who have been given a call and purpose from God will inevitable find themselves facing decisive and unexpected challenges that’ll shape the direction their lives take from that point on. Click HERE for the article behind this Podcast.

In today’s episode you will also find the 4 Keys to Know You’re Ready To Face the Giant

  1. You know your Covenant [Bible]
  2. Your not looking for a fight
  3. You care more about Gods name/glory than your own
  4. Your faith in God is greater than your fear of failure

27 – How To Live After Being Anointed

27 - How to live after being anointed

David lived a life of worship and complete trust in God and didn’t do those things for glory or to be loved by the people, but because he loved God and placed that relationship high above those other matters. Today we look at the aftermath of David’s anointing and how you too can learn how to live a life of success and not failer after youve been anointed by God.

26 – The Key To Receiving A Promise From God

receiving a promise from God

How did David go about receiving a promise from God concerning his future? Find out in this week’s episode how God can take you from a place of promise all the way to the place where that promise gets fulfilled in your life.

Go even deeper with the article this podcast is based on here: https://conwaychristianresources.com/2019/01/blog/the-key-to-receiving-a-promise-from-god

25 – The Hunt For Living Water

How do we find the living water Jesus promised us, is it readily available or is it hidden away somewhere? If we are able to find that living water what are the 5 R”s that will become the cornerstone of our new lives?

Go even deeper with the article this podcast is based on here: https://conwaychristianresources.com/2018/12/blog/hunt-for-living-water/