Life Beyond Church Ep. 13: The Secret Name of Jesus Christ

The Secret Name of Jesus Christ

Did you know that Jesus has a secret name that most Christians are unaware of, a name can change everything about your faith and how you see the Son of God?

Life Beyond Church Ep. 12: Praying Into A Different Universe

As Christians one of the great revelations that we are faced with is that there is more to this universe than we can see with our natural eyes. Beyond the veil of our physical universe lurks another parallel world, one which is able to interact and influence the world we see around us. It is here in this invisible and supernatural realm that forces of God and the forces of the Devil contend for control of the realm of mankind. With all of this spiritual activity going on around us the natural question is then, how can Christians participate in this unseen world?

Life Beyond Church Ep. 11: Faith That Transforms Mustard Seeds into Mustard Trees

Hidden beneath the parable of the humble mustard seed lies a foundational truth which many Christians are unaware of. So what exactly is Jesus trying to say to us and how can it revolutionize our lives?

Life Beyond Church 03: A Higher Perspective

Did you know that as a Christian you have an unfair advantage in thislife? But to enjoy that benefit you have to ________   in your life.

Life Beyond Church Ep. 2 – Outsourcing God