16 – Understanding The Glory Of God

CCR PC 16 Understanding The Glory of God

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Glory to God! This is something that most Christians have heard at one point, maybe in a song, or while someone was preaching or even while reading the Bible. But what does it mean, what is the glory of God, and how to we give glory to Him?

15 – Why The Church Fails To Conquer The Gates of Hell

CCR PC 15 Why The Church Fails to Conquer the gates of Hell

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What kind of impact is the church supposed to have in the world? Is it a continuing impact or one that ebbs and flows? Does yesterday’s victories guarantee that the territory taken by a church will remain indefinitely? These are questions that are rarely asked by people in the church and the state of most congregations attest to this ignorance. Far too often we assume that all of yesterday’s work, prayers and victories will be enough to sustain us continually.

14 – Living Under Judgment And Loving It

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At one point or another you’ve probably heard a Christian talk about God’s judgment falling on some person, place, organization, or even on yourself. Biblically it is the great equalizer that reminds us that one day we are all to stand before God for our celestial hearing (Revelation 20:11-15) before we either enter Heaven or eternal punishment. But this idea has been abused and misunderstood to the point that people inside and outside of the church have become numb to the concept of God’s judgment, or they even believe that it vanished after the cross. But there’s so much more to this concept of Judgement and it has a key role to play in your everyday life, but only if you allow it

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13 – The Secret Name of Jesus Christ

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Did you know that Jesus Christ has a secret name that very few Christians know about? Its a name which will radical alter how you understand who He really is.

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12 – Praying Into A Different Universe

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As Christians one of the great revelations that we are faced with is that there is more to this universe than we can see with our natural eyes. Beyond the veil of our physical universe lurks another parallel world, one which is able to interact and influence the world we see around us. It is here in this invisible and supernatural realm that forces of God and the forces of the Devil contend for control of the realm of mankind. With all of this spiritual activity going on around us the natural question is then, how should Christians be praying so they can participate in this unseen world?