Life Beyond Church Ep. 11: Faith That Transforms Mustard Seeds into Mustard Trees

Hidden beneath the parable of the humble mustard seed lies a foundational truth which many Christians are unaware of. So what exactly is Jesus trying to say to us and how can it revolutionize our lives?

Life Beyond Church Ep. 10: The War Within

Learn how you have the advantage in the war over your heart which wages between your flesh and your spirit. How you fight this battle will determine not only your relationship with God but how you fulfill you purpose in life.

Life Beyond Church 07: The Forgotten Part of God

Life Beyond Church 07: The Forgotten Part of God

Learn how you can better understand and relate to the Holy Spirit in your life!

Life Beyond Church 06: Trusting The God of Hope

WITH ALL OF THE DIFFICULTIES, struggles, pains, losses, frustrations and general unjust craziness there is in this life it doesn’t take much to lose ones hope. We try our best to continue trusting the God of hope but so much in this world and in our individual lives tells us to give up the fight and settle into the lands of defeat. There is no fairy tale ending, so get a cozy chair and get yourself a nice view of the pit of despair…

Life Beyond Church 03: A Higher Perspective

Did you know that as a Christian you have an unfair advantage in thislife? But to enjoy that benefit you have to ________   in your life.