21 – The Key Ingredient Forgotten By Many Christians

The Key Ingredient Forgotten By Many Christians podcast

Today it feels like there’s something missing in the lives of many Christians, we go to church, and occasionally read our Bibles but it feels if that it isn’t enough. As Christians we are good at listening, pondering, and absorbing information, revelation and insights. But what do we do with all of that knowledge? Do we write it down, store it away in our minds for a rainy day, or do we replace it with whatever is heard the following week?

In this weeks episode we look at how you can combine the things you hear with tangible actions which will deepen your relationship with God and give purpose to all of the messages, quotes and scriptures you encounter.

You can find the article this podcast is based on here: https://conwaychristianresources.com/2018/11/blog/christians-forgotten-ingredient/

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